B’rit: More Powerful than Pinky-Swear
The b’rit (covenant) contracted between God and the Jews of the Torah, has the power to shape and engage the lives of Jews today. With a special focus on the stories of Abraham and the events at Sinai, students consider their own connections to the covenants of fate (the one we are born into) and faith (the one we confirm or affirm when we are older).
R.1 - Brit, More Powerful than Pinky Swear.pdf

The Crux of the Matter
This is not “the usual” comparative religion course, for it focuses on the ways religions shape values, beliefs and behaviors. Using Jewish and Christian religious examples, students ultimately reflect on the ways they have been shaped by Judaism.
R.2 - The Crux of the Matter.pdf

From Wine Goblet to Kiddush Cup
With lots of hands-on experiences and investigations, students learn to pay attention to the ideas behind ritual observances that strengthen the chain of Jewish tradition and lead to a deeper connection with Klal Yisrael.
R.3 - From Wine Goblet to Kiddush Cup.pdf

The Three Biggies: God, Torah and Israel
Based on the quote “Turn it and turn it again for everything is in it” (Ben Bag Bag on the Torah, Pirke Avot 5:25), this curriculum opens the door to an exploration of God, Torah and Israel. Students have the opportunity to locate and study texts in the Bible (most specifically Torah). The curriculum teaches that the answers to many “life questions” can be found in the Torah.
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Tied Up in Knots
Beginning with a study of the significance of the tallit in Jewish life and how mitzvot bring us closer to God and the Jewish people, this course ends with each student creating a tallit for personal use.
R.5 - Tied Up in Knots.pdf