Let's Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side

We are excited to invite you to explore the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland’s completely new approach to teaching Hebrew decoding, Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side!

Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side
  • Flips learning - With the online program, students learn to decode/read Hebrew via short, interactive “story presentations. With the assistance of a learning facilitator, each lesson is reinforced using hands-on games and activities.
  • Draws on already known words (e.g., Rosh Hashanah, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, mazel tov) as the context for learning Hebrew letters and vowel signs.
  • Offers individual attention to students – there’s no hiding behind others in class, and no missing the Ayin because of an absence.
  • Is fast, averaging 12-15 hours for children to learn to decode Hebrew; each of the 24 lessons takes 30ish minutes.
  • Removes obstacles that normally trip up students in their learning of Hebrew.
  • Makes great use of teen assistants, parents and/or volunteers.
  • Is cost-effective.
Check out the HOME page to view an online learning sample: http://letslearnhebrew.org/
Check out the ABOUT page to learn more about the target age group, timing, and the program in general: http://letslearnhebrew.org/about.html
Check out the Introduction to the learning-facilitators guide, as well as instructions and materials for the fourth lesson. This matches the sample Story Presentation uploaded to the LetsLearnHebrew.org site.

Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side was designed for use by students in the year or two prior to their Bar or Bat Mitzvah:
  • Most of the Let’s Learn Hebrew pilot-students were newly-enrolled 5th and 6th graders who had no Hebrew background.
  • Some worked with a teen assistant, some worked with their parents, and others with a tutor.
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Want to learn WHY the current model for Hebrew learning isn't serving our students well? Watch the video, "Let's Turn Hebrew Learning on its Head!"

Educators who are ready to push-on-the-system will find that Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side offers an alternative to our current structure of teaching Hebrew decoding in grades 3 & 4. By waiting till fifth or sixth grade we can use the younger years for learning that is more engaging than focusing on the Alef-Bet and the “reading” of prayers. More so, we can take advantage of the deeper background and maturity of these older students. Those who’ve discovered Hebrew Through Movement will find that it’s language basis complements Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side perfectly!!

Times have changed!
Our students have changed!
Hebrew learning must change!
Check out our website (http://LetsLearnHebrew.org) and feel free to be in contact with any questions