For almost a dozen years, the JECC posted to its website a number of Immediate Response Curriculum - each created in approximately a day's time to help teachers locally and nationally quickly find the help they needed on quickly developing issues. Over the years, as other organizations began creating similar curricula, the JECC stopped developing Immediate Response Curriculum.

However, in the summer of 2012, an intern gathered all the previous materials and created a generic response curriculum,
Responding to Crisis, that has been posted here: This website contains information on children and their reactions, Jewish texts, activity thoughts, and resources; it is available 24/7.
We do have a few specific and current Immediate Response Curriculum including:

Israel: Six Lenses. A response curriculum (2014)

This response curriculum is designed to help educators consider age-appropriate ways to place Israel front and center in our lessons and special events planning. It focuses on six big ideas:
  1. Israel is a special place for Jews worldwide.
  2. Just as we stand by a friend in times of trouble, the Jewish community stands by Israel at this difficult time.
  3. It is important to be "critical consumers" of media, carefully evaluating the veracity and slant of the news about Israel.
  4. Israel anchors the Jewish people as a spiritual, national, and cultural center.
  5. To equate the actions of the Israeli army with those of Hamas terrorists, draws a moral equivalency that does not exist.
  6. There are specific actions we as American Jews can do to support Israel.
While developed in the shadow of the conflict with Israel and Hamas in the summer of 2014, it was designed to be useful at any time of year.

And this for parents and teachers on Operation Protective Edge

Election 2012: Through Jewish Eyes.


Most of our previous Immediate Response Curriculum is still posted at:
Topics (with year of publication, if not otherwise noted) Include:

Conflict (including terrorism) The London Bombings - July 7, 2005
On the Brink of War (prior to the Iraqi War, 2003)
September 11, 2001
Summer of Hate, Summer of Unity (1999)
The Colorado School Shooting (1999)
The Battle Over Kosovo (1999)
IsraelIsrael – Connecting with our Hearts, Heads and Hands: Gaza (2009)
Connecting to Israel with our Heads, Hearts and Hands (2006)
Family Focus on Israel (2006)
IsraelNow Solidarity (2001)
Crisis in The Middle East (2000)
The Conflict in Israel: The Emotional Impact on Our Students (2000)

Election 2012: Through Jewish Eyes

The Starr Report and the Presidency (re: President Clinton) (1998)

PeoplehoodThe Jews of Quara – Coming Home (2000)
Jewish Welfare Fund Campaign Curriculum (downloadable from:

Hurricane Katrina (2005)

Searching for Jewish Values in Big Bucks TV Game Shows (2000)