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Welcome to the JECC's Curriculum Department Wiki

Since the 1980s, the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland has been involved in deep curriculum work with its local schools. Written documents developed as a result of intensive work, have always been made available to others at a nominal charge. However, with the help of newer technologies, including this wiki, the JECC is shifting its practice and is making curriculum documents available to other Jewish educators at no charge.

Here's what you need to know

All the materials for sale were developed originally by the JECC’s Curriculum Department and Project Curriculum Renewal (PCR) to fill a specific school’s curricular need. This is why you may see instructions that seem school-specific. Each item, however, is adaptable to other settings and many items may be adapted up or down for other age groups (e.g., the items indicated for High School use may be adapted for use in Adult Education courses).

All curricula come with permission to duplicate as many copies as you need for your school. In general, pages are set up for back-to-back printing. One caveat: in the process that created these scanned documents, we may have inadvertently flipped or omitted a page. If you discover something uploaded incorrectly, please send an email to nmoskowitz@jecc.org.


Israel: Six Lenses. A response curriculum

This response curriculum is designed to help educators consider age-appropriate ways to place Israel front and center in our lessons and special events planning. It focuses on six big ideas:
  1. Israel is a special place for Jews worldwide.
  2. Just as we stand by a friend in times of trouble, the Jewish community stands by Israel at this difficult time.
  3. It is important to be "critical consumers" of media, carefully evaluating the veracity and slant of the news about Israel.
  4. Israel anchors the Jewish people as a spiritual, national, and cultural center.
  5. To equate the actions of the Israeli army with those of Hamas terrorists, draws a moral equivalency that does not exist.
  6. There are specific actions we as American Jews can do to support Israel.
While developed in the shadow of the conflict with Israel and Hamas in the summer of 2014, it was designed to be useful at any time of year. Download it from the IMMEDIATE RESPONSE CURRICULUM page of this wiki.

I'm Gonna Stand Up! A new website on the Amidah for 5th/6th graders!

Ever hear of a "30 day challenge?" People choose an area of their life they want to improve - their writing skills, their fitness level, their ability to tell jokes, whatever - and commit to a 30 day challenge. Thirty days are short, the activity is specific, and very, very do-able! In that spirit the JECC invites pre-B'Mitzvah students - whether at home or part of an all-class project - to take on one or more of the "I'M GONNA STAND UP" challenges on the ImGonnaStandUp.org website. While most challenges are not 30 days long, they are also short-enough, specific and very do-able! And they are active and age-appropriate - check out the Gold Challenge page for the middle blessings of the Amidah, or the Silver Challenge for the Avot / Avot V'Imahot. Yes, and we offer badges, and there is no charge for the site's use! The JECC's goal is to help educational programs think outside the box regarding the teaching of prayers.

JECC Nature and Outdoor Teacher Toolkit

This hands-on toolkit focuses on ten values related to the out-of-doors that are interesting for young children to explore. Expanding each value are: a list of age-appropriate activities, suggested children's stories, a selection of related Jewish texts and blessings, as well as songs. The toolkit is printed as a set of small cards that can be bound together with a small ring and taken anywhere you and your children care to go! In addition, the JECC has used the Aurasma app to allow teachers to hear the Hebrew pronounced; yes, download and usage instructions are included. Download from the EARLY CHILDHOOD page of this wiki.

NEW EDITION! Fingerprints: Discovering Jewish Life

This engaging and useful curriculum merges principles of early childhood education with principles of quality Jewish education. Fingerprints focuses on Jewish holidays from Rosh Hashanah to Shavuot. Each holiday section contains background information (including rituals, customs and related Jewish values) and a myriad of age-appropriate well-organized activity suggestions that bring to life core holiday concepts. Additionally, three themes are offered (food, birthdays and structures) that provide young children with concrete experiences that leave fingerprints-of-connections to upcoming Jewish holidays (for example, exploring building structures prior to Sukkot or focusing on bread prior to Pesah). This THIRD edition of the curriculum integrates the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards; educators from states with other standards will still find it useful to their work with children. More information on the EARLY CHILDHOOD page of this wiki, including a Rosh Hashanah sample.

Parents Resource on Israel's Operation Protective Edge

The JECC has posted a parents' piece on its "Responding to Crisis" webpage - http://jeccrespondingtocrisis.wikispaces.com/israel. It's a four-page document that offers ideas for talking to children about the current situation, as well as ways to respond with our heads, hands and hearts. Check out the other resources on Israel on the Responding to Crisis website.


Let's Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side - This is a very new Hebrew learning program that combines online learning and hands-on activities to teach Hebrew decoding/reading to students in grades 5 or 6. Let's Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side turns Hebrew learning on its head by moving the decoding process OUT of third or fourth grade and INTO one of these higher grades. It also taps into one of our most under-utilized resources: teen assistants!
  • A FAQ page is on this wiki - check the sidebar on the far left.
  • A what's-it-about website (including registration information) may be found at http://letslearnHebrew.org
Hebrew Through Movement (TPR) - The curriculum guide has been updated and available for free download from http://www.HebrewThroughMovement.org (bottom of the page). This site has really taken off, as has the spread of TPR from Cleveland to all points-global.
  • A FAQs page is available on this wiki (the one you are currently reading - check the sidebar on the far left).
  • Information on the online learning seminar is towards the bottom of the HebrewThroughMovement.org homepage. Participants are registered in on an ongoing basis year-round. Teachers are encouraged to register early to be assured a slot!
Count Me In - developed by Cleveland's Education Directors Network for 6th grade and REVISED in 2013. Download from the IDENTITY page of this wiki.

Also Check Out:

Members of the Tribe - recently revised (with attention to technology!); originally developed for grade 8. Download from the PEOPLEHOOD page.

Shhhhh! - developed for 4th grade with the help of Cleveland's CHAI Directors (those using the URJ CHAI curriculum). Download from the JEWISH VALUES page.

Me and You, Jew and Jew - now available for free download (preK and K in part-time educational settings). Download from the EARLY CHILDHOOD SPECIFIC page.

“Responding to Crisis” Response Curriculum - The JECC has created a website called, "JECC's Responding to Crisis" that is an aggregate version of previous Immediate Response Curricula. Copies of our old work, which may provide ideas for your own needs, may be downloaded from the JECC website here. The JECC is not creating any new "situation-specific" response curriculum these days.
Understanding by Design
All PCR curriculum developed in recent years have used the Understanding by Design (UbD) model. Those materials that are NOT developed using UbD are labeled as such. The JECC is happy to share with others our Curriculum Template, created a number of years ago for use by those attending our summer UbD seminar. The template follows the original UbD format, rather than the "new" 2.0 version. Adapt as you wish:

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J-Smarts is a website that integrates online learning tools with Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, and offers suggestions for Jewish education; it was developed by Ronna Fox, JECC Teacher Center Director.

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This article, developed a number of years ago, may also be of interest to some:
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