Members of the Tribe
We live at a time where the "People" part of "The Jewish People" is a bit weak! This curriculum was developed for young high school students to re-introduce and reinforce the idea of Jewish peoplehood. With lots of hands-on activities, and updated to make use of technology, this popular unit is ready for its next generation of learners. Clevelanders have shared Members of the Tribe for a half-dozen years to eighth graders, with participating congregations joining together for a Shul-In retreat coordinated by the JECC's Retreat Institute. We now share it beyond our city's walls.

Jewish Identity Buffet
In her study of Jewish identity, “Corrections and Journeys” (2000), sociologist Dr. BethamieHorowitzoffers a salad bar metaphor to illustrate how Jews today relate to Judaism. In this activity participants choose “food items” (labeled with Jewish identity descriptors) that match their own current attachment to Judaism. Through personal reflection and small group discussion, “diners” gain a clearer picture of their current Jewish connections. Through analysis of their “food choices” players develop a more-rounded picture of identity issues and an understanding of the philosophical differences between the four major Jewish denominations in North America (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist).
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