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The Jewish Education Center of ClevelandIs pleased to invite YOU to join inTEACHING HEBREW THROUGH MOVEMENTBased on James J. Asher's Total Physical Response (TPR)

Hebrew Through Movement is a model of Hebrew language learning that fits the time-challenges of part-time Jewish educational settings. Fifteen minutes of learning each time a class is in session builds enough vocabulary to enable children to comprehend core segments of prayers or rituals that they have recited for years with no understanding. Children (and teachers!) have fun. They are engaged, they enjoy learning the Hebrew language!

What grade levels are best for Hebrew Through Movement?
  • Preschool through sixth grade are the JECC's targeted years, but there are older classes that use it successfully.
  • Camps are also great places for Hebrew Through Movement - it's very appropriate to the camp setting!
  • Hebrew Through Movement is most successful when it is adopted through multiple levels because each teacher builds on the previous years of learning. By the second or third year, students are making connections to Jewish prayers and holidays, as well as are able to reinforce basic Hebrew reading skills. Consistency is the key - school directors need to do their best to make sure that Hebrew Through Movement is scheduled 15 minutes each time that school is in session. Having an itinerant Hebrew Through Movement specialist seems to be an important factor in ensuring consistency.

Does a teacher need to know Hebrew to teach Hebrew Through Movement?
  • Yes! The more Hebrew that a teacher knows, the easier it is to plan and the better chance that the students will learn Hebrew without mistakes.
  • But teachers who are less-than-fluent can be successful Hebrew Through Movement teachers if they know basic Hebrew vocabulary and sentence-structures. A year of Hebrew language learning on the high school or college level, no matter how many years ago, is usually sufficient.

Is there a Hebrew Through Movement curriculum guide?

How can a teacher learn the skills to teach Hebrew Through Movement ?
  • Sign up for the JECC's online seminar with
    • Ten online modules, completed in ten hours (on average)
    • Readings, video examples, targeted assignments
    • Support by Marcia Anouchi, a master teacher with years of experience in Hebrew TPR
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How much does the seminar cost?

For JECC-Affiliate Schools:
Regular JESP rate (with JECC completion stipend provided to the teacher)

For Non-JECC Affiliate Schools:
$100 per teacher, billed by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland to the host school

A school that registers 3 or more teachersmay enroll a supervisor or director at no charge
How does a teacher, supervisor or director register for the online seminar?

How can I learn more about Hebrew Through Movement?

How else is the JECC helping revolutionize Hebrew teaching in part-time Jewish educational settings?
Glad you asked! Check out this page with ALL kinds of information.

The JECC has rolled out a NEW program to teach children decoding/reading: Let's Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side. It is geared for 5th and 6th graders, which means delaying decoding from the more normative grades 3 & 4. The website is and a one-page overview is here. We'd love to have YOU join the revolution!

A director says....

"We started using Hebrew TPR in our Hebrew School this year and it has TRANSFORMED our school. The children LOVE it and they continue using the words and actions from TPR in their regular classrooms. Parents have told me that the kids are even using the TPR Hebrew at home!!! Last night, a mom asked her son to sit down at the dinner table and he replied, "Lo lashevet!!!" ("don't sit down!"). When the students see the TPR teacher in the hallways, they immediately ask her, "Are we going to have TPR today?" The students love getting up and moving around while they are learning. I am going to expand the program into Kindergarten through 2nd grade next year so that the children will have a solid base of Hebrew words before they begin their formal Hebrew School classes in 3rd grade. Hebrew TPR has made a huge difference in the quality of our Hebrew program. I recommend that every school begin a TPR program!!"Ellen Fox
Temple Solel School Director
Cardiff, CA