For one-day-a-week programs:
NEW! JECC Nature and Outdoor Teacher Toolkit
This hands-on toolkit focuses on ten values related to the out-of-doors that are interesting for young children to explore. Expanding each value are: a list of age-appropriate activities, suggested children's stories, a selection of related Jewish texts and blessings, as well as songs. The toolkit is printed as a set of small cards that can be bound together with a small ring and taken anywhere you and your children care to go! In addition, the JECC has used the Aurasma app to allow teachers to hear the Hebrew pronounced; yes, download and usage instructions are included.

Me and You, Jew and Jew (PreK)
From the time that the Children of Israel became a people at Mt. Sinai, there has been a reciprocal feeling of responsibility between the individual Jew and the collective People, and the responsibility of the People to the individual Jew. This theme is explored on an age-appropriate level through the holidays, as well as through Jewish values that help focus the learning like: Hahnasat Orhim (welcoming guests), honoring parents, standing up for what is right (in regards to Hanukkah and Purim), and connections to Jews of different ethnic backgrounds and to Israel. The curriculum provides lots of options for teachers in planning group time, learning activities, books, music, art, and connections home.

Me and You, Jew and Jew (K)
Judaism is a religion based on values that, when followed, help our world be a better place. The focus of this kindergarten curriculum uses the phrase from Leviticus 19:18, “Love your neighbor as yourself” to look at the Jewish holidays, tz’dakah, Jewish Book Month, synagogue life, and our general interactions with each other. The curriculum provides lots of options for teachers in planning group time, learning activities, books, music, art, and connections home.

For weekday programs:
NEW EDITION! Fingerprints: Discovering Jewish Life
A sample, below, is available for free download.
This engaging and useful curriculum merges principles of early childhood education with principles of quality Jewish education. Fingerprints focuses on Jewish holidays from Rosh Hashanah to Shavuot. Each holiday section contains background information (including rituals, customs and related Jewish values) and a myriad of age-appropriate well-organized activity suggestions that bring to life core holiday concepts. Additionally, three themes are offered (food, birthdays and structures) that provide young children with concrete experiences that leave fingerprints-of-connections to upcoming Jewish holidays (for example, exploring building structures prior to Sukkot or focusing on bread prior to Pesah). Originally designed for a community preschool, this curriculum is adaptable to other settings; it is best used with children ages 3 and older. This THIRD edition of the curriculum integrates the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards; educators from states with other standards will still find it useful to their work with children. Available July 2014
Cost: $40 (special cost for 4 or more copies: $30 each) -
NOTE: price is the same as the older edition, with more features & pages!
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