A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Study of the Bible, as a book sacred to Jews and non-Jews, offers students a chance to examine the interplay of text, interpretation, and culture. This curriculum shows that Biblical analysis can take many forms, including traditional commentary, modern poetry, and especially art. Through the activities of this unit, students gain skill in close reading of the Biblical text, so that by unit’s end, students are ready to try their hand at Biblical commentary through various artistic media.
CA.1 - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.pdf

The Music of Hadag Nachash
This lesson plan was designed to introduce high school students to Hadag Nachash, giving the background and history of the band, and providing a context for listening, better understanding and enjoying Hadag Nachash’s music. Two songs are focused on: Misparim and Ratziti Sheteda.
CA.2 - The Music of Hadag Nachash.pdf

Rock of Ages: A History of the Jews of Rock and Roll
Since the turn of the century, Jews, in a disproportionate ratio to the general public, have written the lyrics and music to some of the greatest and most innovative songs ever recorded. This course explores the status and comfort of American Jewsin American society, as mirrored by the pattern of changing Jewish identities among artists in the music industry over the last century.
CA.3 - Rock of Ages, A History of the Jews of Rock and Roll.pdf

Sing Unto God
Music has been part of the Jewish worship experience for thousands of years. In this course, without the minutia of historical detail, students study the ways that liturgical music shapes and is shaped by faith and culture.