God’s Messengers
This course is an overview of the challenging messages given by the Prophets that the Jewish people would often rather have ignored. Passions, intolerance, and the values our people hold dear are all explored in the unit.
B.1 - God's Messengers.pdf

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Study of the Bible, as a book sacred to Jews and non-Jews, offers students a chance to examine the interplay of text, interpretation, and culture. This curriculum shows that Biblical analysis can take many forms, including traditional commentary, modern poetry, and especially art. Through the activities of this unit, students gain skill in close reading of the Biblical text, so that by unit’s end, students are ready to try their hand at Biblical commentary through various artistic media.
B.2 - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.pdf

Turn it and Turn it Again for Everything is in it
This course introduces students to Torah study and culminates in a class-devised dramatic presentation. With a foundation in Ben Bag Bag’s statement to “turn it and turn it again for everything is in it” (Pirke Avot 5:25), students learn to “turn” Jewish texts to gain multiple interpretations. The unit also provides guidance to prepare students to act out their own interpretation of Nitzavim.
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